A.J. Soseby certainly fits the bill of a small business: It’s run by a two-person team and the store is only around 200 square feet. Its focus? Functional yet artisanal home goods. Think enamel mixing bowls, a copper-and-steel garden pruner, a goat-haired durst brush, leather fly-swatters, and hand-carved wooden teaspoons. If you’re wondering, exactly, if you’ll ever use that egg cup, ask owners Adam and Johnathan, who will convince you the answer is without a doubt yes. A.J. Soseby is only steps away from their 125-year-old Victorian house and their shop’s product selection is inspired by their own Old Town East lifestyle. (It’s easy to see the connection between the two properties, as they share the same, distinctive, pine-green color scheme.) Plus, a portion of proceeds is donated to the Franklin Fund, a local animal rescue charity.

—Elise Taylor (VOGUE)

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